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John Mallon Clinics help llama, alpaca, and horse owners understand and work with their animals. Discover an easy-to-learn, one-person, fast, safe way to do business with your animals.
Welcome to the Lazy JV Ranch. They carry Northeast Gate Brand Equipment sized for sheep, goats and other small livestock such as Miniature Horses, Donkeys and Llamas and alpacas.
Offering a unique variety of exotic meats and exotic animals including yak, llamas, donkeys, buffalo, deer and camels.
Each of real estate agents bring decades of actual farming and ranching experience to the real estate business.
Tectra has over 50 years experience delivering education and training to people in New Zealand’s farming industries.
Open Consignment Horse Sale.
Back in 1989, California livestock dealers Ellington Peek and John Rodgers were looking for a way to help Western ranchers present their cattle to a national marketplace.