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Use the Safe Skin Vegetable Slicer

For vegetarians and vegans, cooking delicious vegetable meals is usually a priority. The same can be said for people who take meat in their diets. Traditionally, vegetarians were very reserved in the types of meals they could take. However, today, a lot has changed. There are hundreds of meals that vegetarians can consume in. Some of these delicious meals are: Asian Pasta, Zucchini pasta and chicken noodle soup etc. Some of the most frequent vegetables used to make these delicious pastas are: beets, potatoes and radishes. Additionally, many tools have been developed to help people prepare the meals. Some of the most commonly used tool are: Safe Skin Vegetable Cutter, Nut Milk Bag and Grater among others. This article will be based on the Vegetable Slicer which has been developed by Safe Skins and how to use it to make exceptional meals.

Prepare the Vegetables

First when cooking any meal is to prepare the ingredients. For the meal to be of the highest standards, the vegetables should to be of the best quality. Thus, it is very necessary to purchase fresh vegetables from a good vegetable shop. You should also use hygienic water to clean the vegetables. All this should be done to ensure that the highest health conditions are adhered to.

Study the instructions

If this is your inaugural using the safe skins vegetable slicer, I suggest that you first read the user guide which accompanies it. This will give you the information on the best way to use the cutter and how to stay safe.

Peel the vegetables

After preparing the vegetables and reading the instructions, you should then peel the vegetables to get rid of the outer cover. It is advised that you peel 2/3 of the vegetable. For some vegetables however, it is advised to consume the peel as it has numerous nutrients.

Use the cutter

There are two ways of using the cutter which are decided on whether you are cooking thick or thin pasta. For this reason, the cutter has 2 sides of different sizes. After you have made the decision on the side to use, you should now take the vegetable and place it in the cutter and slide it in a same manner to the Pencil and Sharpener. As you turn the vegetable, you will see the strands in the other side. You should cease the rotation once the unpeeled section has been reached.

Wash the cutter

The safe skins vegetable cutter is dishwasher friendly. After you are done using it, you can go ahead to use the dishwasher to clean it. An alternative way is to use a toothbrush to clean it.