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Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

If you are able to get easily fruits, vegetables and greens that have been grown organically without pesticides, it is best you choose to them and pay a little more if necessary. They are much better option that those vegetables that contain residue of pesticides as is the case with most of the vegetables and fruits in the market today. Pesticide residue is harmful for the human health.

The fact that the harmful insecticides and pesticides are toxic and can cause diseases and long-term impairments is known and proved. Therefore it makes sense to do everything possible to switch to organic food. If you have a small backyard or a kitchen garden, you can easily set up your own organic farm in a very small scale and grow vegetables, fruits and greens for your daily use.

The first step entails researching all data available to understand the fertility of the soil and the climate. You will receive the list of vegetables, greens and fruits that can be grown in this climate.

After having selected the vegetables that you wish to grow, decide whether you wish to buy seeds and germinate them or get seedlings and  conducted further.

Before you start your organic farming, you have to first begin another project to prepare organic to getting the fertilizer for growing your vegetables. This involves creating a pit and putting in organic waste and other natural leaves etc that is available to create the manure. Since takes around 4-6 months for fertilizer to be ready, you will have to get a head start on this project.

Vegetables and fruits require plenty of sunlight to grow. Therefore choose a place in your garden that gets sufficient sunlight directly and ear mark the same for your project.

Take tips and advise from friends and other people who have already started growing organic vegetables. It might be of grate help. In the beginning stick to growing simple and easy to grow vegetables like tomatoes, turnips, radish, carrots etc. As you go forward and gain experience you can experiment with others vegetables also.

When samplings are out and start to grow, you will need to protect them from the pests, birds and rodents by setting up a basic fence with a network on top. It does not cost much to get the fence in place. You can use the wooden pieces lying around the house or in your garage and make it alone.