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Different Types Of Equipment Used In The Agricultural Field

Agriculture always brings to mind crops, vegetables, plants and trees. But agriculture is more than that. It deals with fertilizers, crop enhancers and equipment. There is separate equipment that is specifically used in the field. Almost all the jobs that are done in a field by a human being have been replaced with equipment that helps in yielding more and conserves human energy.Equipment are available for cutting or trimming the grass, for raking the entire field for sowing, equipment for breaking down the waste products in the field are also available these days.

Some of the different equipment used in a field is explained below.


This equipment is used for cutting grass and plants above the ground level. This equipment should not be confused with reaping equipment. Reaping equipment is used to harvest grains. This mower cuts grass and plants are unwanted and it cuts just above the ground level. It can also be used to trim the grass level so that the grass looks short and sweet. All the mowers have the capability to be powered by tractors. Earlier days mowers were pulled by draft animals which are not much in practice these days.

Among the mowers there are several types for specific purposes.

Finishing Mower

This is similar to a lawn mower and is available in various heights. This equipment can also be used in a home where big gardens are present to trim the grass. This finishing mower is suited for a polo and gold fields. Mostly they come with different blades if there is a need to differentiate the width of the cut.

Flail Mower

These flail mowers have small blades that can be found at the end of the chain, which is attached to a horizontal axis. The cutting process happens when the head, which is similar to ax comes in contact to the grass at a specified speed. Flail mowers are much suited for rough ground and for tougher vegetation. The chain length and the height of the blades can be varied to cut even a very thick bush. Some varieties also include a collection bin to collect the cut grass.

Stick rake

Stick rake equipment is used to scrape together the products such as dry leaves and other unwanted products through on the field or ground. Rake itself means heap up. It is similar to a broom only that it is used in a field and not inside the house. This stick rake equipment can also be used to loosen the soil so that seeds can be sown. It can also be used for leveling the field.

This author has established himself in writing about agriculture. Here in this article, he has given some details about some of the equipment’s like Flail Mowers, Stick Rake, used in a field that has made life easier for the farmers.

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