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Opting For Organic Garden

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Although it may sound really simple and easy to maintain a garden, it can actually cost you a lot of time, effort and money. And so, it is smart to know your options to ensure a healthier garden.

Opting for organic fertilizer brands is one way to ensure the plants in your garden grow to be healthy and safe especially if you are growing fruits and veggies. Although there are a lot of affordable commercial fertilizers available in the market today, it is still best to go for the natural or organic ones. Many gardeners and farmers actually recommend this for a number of reasons. Check out some of them below:

– It is a healthy choice. Fruits and vegetables grown using organic fertilizer is definitely healthier as compared to those that are grown using the commercial ones as the nutrients and minerals are higher.

– It is better choice taste-wise. Organic produce surely tastes better. Because they do not contain chemical residues, their taste is more flavorful than bland.

– It is a cost-effective choice. Of course, organic fertilizers are a lot more affordable. You can even make one at home by simply collecting fruits peelings and combining some other ingredients found in your kitchen.

– It is an environment-friendly choice. By using organic fertilizers, you can help save the environment from toxic chemicals found in most commercial fertilizers.

There is also one other organic fertilizer most recommended by garden experts. Mycorrhizae comes in two main types: ectomycorrhizae, which is usually not needed because it’s only associated with about 5 percent of plants (mostly evergreen trees); and endomycorrhizae, which is associated with 80+ percent of plants, mostly deciduous trees and herbaceous plants, including most food plants in your garden.

You can apply it (along with seaweed fertilizer if you want) when you’re potting, sowing, planting, or tending your existing plants. As with any fertilizer, make sure to follow quantity according to instructions.

So if you’re looking to improve plant health and yield this year, as well as decrease pests, I recommend mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed liquid fertilizer. Combine them in the best hose end sprayer see the difference in your plants’ growth.

Maintaining Your Garden Landscape

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Landscape gardening is a really creative process. You can add so many features in your garden landscape. There are so many ideas that you can implement to enhance the look and effect of your garden. However, along with landscaping you would also have to maintain your garden landscape features.

Maintaining one’s garden landscape is not a very difficult process. But at the same time, it has its own requirements that need good amount of practical approach and knowledge on your end. The important things in the mind of a landscaper are to keep the costs low, save time (especially in today’s modern lifestyle) and keep their grass healthy. To keep going smooth and without damage, there are a few approaches that might not strike you immediately that will, however, save you a lot of pain.

First thing to understand, just as in setting up a landscape, is the climate or weather conditions of your land. Depending on that you should chose the type of plants you want to plant. This means that plants that require less watering or can survive more in the heat of the sun, are required in the hot regions. At the same time, the ones that survive in the shade of the trees without much trouble are useful for areas where you have a lot of shade.

This brings us to a very useful, but underrated practice: mulch. It helps a lot in lawns and could be a life saver when it comes to problems you have been having without any success no matter what. In fact, apart from being easy to maintain, manage and is portable for the most part, some types of mulch can also be created yourself. Another very important factor about mulch is that it suppresses weeds and thus reduces half of the weed removal work for you.

Keeping the landscape safe from deer pests or even your own pets like dogs is another issue to consider. When you think you need to let your pets wander free, or there are going to be problems from deer and such, then you need to take the required measures. There are various kinds of covering that could be made to protect your landscape. Another thing to be done is set up a rock based landscape. Apart from the various kinds of grass that go along with rocks, rocks themselves are a good addition to your landscape looks and themselves do not need any maintenance as such, obviously.