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Crop Protection Is Essential to Speed up Crop Growth

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

From seed treatment to fertilizers to insecticides to plant growth regulators, there are a number of crop protection methods applied to increase the agriculture productivity and keep the crop away from the risk of damages and diseases. These all above mentioned systems are essential for the proper growth of the crop. This is because; crops are vulnerable items that are potential to attacks by the rodents, birds, rough weather and a number of other damages and things. That is why; numerous protective measures are applied to save them against diseases and other problems. As above mentioned there are a number of systems applied for the crop protection, seed treatment is also one of these systems.

With the early stage of the plants, the seed treatment is started so that they can grow easily. Apart from keeping seed protected from disease, seed treatment also ensures uniform emergence of seedling and helps in increasing germination. This type of crop protection method also keeps the seed protected from seasonal diseases and harasses of pests, thus results in higher productivity. Interestingly, the seed treatment is also effective against a broad spectrum of problems including seed decay, soil pathogens and seedling diseases. This type of crop protection system is considered as one of the convenient, cost-effective and environmental friendly approaches that not only help in crop protection, but also increase the productivity of crops to a great level.

In addition to seed treatment, another crop protection system is foliar fertilizers. They are widely used to develop the crop within the exact time. Foliar feeding is the also considered as the recent introduction to the crop protection methods. These types of fertilizers are directly applied through the leaves to speed up crop growth as well as for a number of other factors such as cure deficiencies and strengthen damaged and weak plants and crops. Interestingly, these fertilizers can also be collaborated with macro or trace fertilizers to harmonize the nutrition factors. In this type of crop protection system, different types of chemicals such as potassium humate, potassium nitrate, and Map mono-ammonium phosphate are used in the form of spray, powder and crystal.

All About The True Scope Of Agriculture

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Agriculture is a very important activity for the survival of human beings on this earth. This is clearly reflected in the very basic fact that agriculture is one of the oldest activities of humankind. As the most profound resource, agriculture provides food, clothing and shelter to human. Agriculture not only supports humans for their subsistence, but helps a large number of industries too. Agriculture forms the raw material for numerous farm products based industries. The basic products, resulting from agricultural activities, are processed in big factories, before the final product is marketed. As such, agriculture generates employment, both for people working in the farming sector as well as those in the industrial, agriculture-based sector.

These days, agriculture has become an important commercial activity. A variety of crops are grown, which can be classified as: Food crops,Commercial crops,Fiber crops, Beverage crops. Agriculture has benefited a great deal from the various advancements in the field of science and technology – with modern machines making the ‘field’ jobs much easier than ever before. All over the world, agriculture is managed efficiently with the help of modern farm equipment. In the US, farmers rely much more on technology than on manual labor.

Machines are used for all important farm operations like – tilling, sowing, harvesting, sorting of fruits, etc. Most farmers prefer employing those laborers who are skillful, and who can operate upon their tractors, combines and harvesters. In fact, farmers are also ever so ready to try out every new development in the variety of crops, pesticides, fertilizers and the like.The importance of agriculture also lies in the fact that it supports the export sector also – most of the farmers in the United States produce largely for exports, as the soil produce is quite fertile, and coupled with modern technology, the returns are huge. Some of the major farm products are crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, jute, tea, coffee and rubber- which are produced in most parts of the world.

In countries that export surplus farm output, agriculture is all the more significant, and the agricultural production is fairly high. As the farmer gets a good profit, his financial position, especially in developed countries, is better than many other entrepreneurs. He is now able to purchase the latest machinery, use latest techniques of farming, buy new and improved hybrid varieties of seeds, and use the best fertilizers to increase productivity. Nowadays, there are improvements in wholesale marketing as well as transportation of farm products. The use of refrigeration systems and efficient rail transport has made possible the safe delivery of perishable farm products like dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.

The agricultural sector plays an important role in the sphere of providing large scale employment to people. Large and moderately large farms employ workers to undertake the various agriculture jobs relating to cultivation of crops and care of farm animals. Agriculture is not just limited to crop cultivation, dairy farming has become an indispensable part of the agricultural process. Dairy farming is the practice of farming in which cattle are kept for milk and milk products. Oftentimes, poultry is also included. In fact, the scope of agriculture has widened, with interrelated sectors over-lapping one another; and in the present scenario, each of these sectors is as important as any other!  Today, the importance of agriculture lies in the fact that it is practiced both for subsistence as well as commercial reasons!