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A Quick Note To Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturing in the US has always been about convenience, product availability, taste and price. The more society ventured away from the family garden and kitchen, the more food manufacturers developed a market or niche for their products at home in the cupboards. Processed foods no longer are limited to flour and sugar on the country store shelf, but have evolved to include the variety of foods eaten daily and taken from restaurants, grocery stores, super markets and convenience stores.

As the popularity of processed foods have increased throughout the world, health problems such as obesity and diabetes have also become very common to the point that “1 in 3 American people have an Insulin Resistance, a pre-diabetic condition”.

Parents today are educating there children about nutrition, especially with regards to growing children. If foods that increase calcium production are consumed on a regular basis now, then maybe 10 or 20 years from now people wont suffer from Osteoporosis or Colon Cancer. If foods are eaten today that keep the blood sugar steady and absorb slowly in the gut, not only will the child have protection from disease, but they will have a less chance of developing diabetes twenty years from now also.

Today, people are far more informed on nutrition as it is widely broadcast through media, commercials, news, talk shows, magazine and newspaper articles.

High protein, low-carb and low-fat diets have gained popularity through the media and on celebrity books, university studies, restaurant menus and nutritional labels.

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