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A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Advancement of Human Resource Management in Agriculture.
The Apple Products Research & Education Council is a non-profit coaliton of companies that make and supply products for the processed apples industry.
Facilitating the linkage of knowledge and investment with science and expertise to expand Alberta’s value-added agriculture industry.
Description: Disseminates, applies and generates scientific knowledge in support of sustainable development, primarily for developing countries.
A nonpartisan and nonprofit rural America advocacy group.
AGRIINFOTECH, Inc. is a farm scientist owned company registered in USA and India. Their main aim is dedicated to service the farming community.
Organizations of world farmers, exchanging information to solve future global agricultural problems.
Developing and advocating policies that support an efficient and open global food and agricultural system.
Promotes and encourages research in all branches of horticulture and facilitates the co-operation of scientific activities and knowledge-transfer on a global scale through its publications and events .
The SFA Committee is the organisation's governing body. Since the establishment of the organisation in 1997.
The World Cocoa Foundation is a comprehensive program which “takes science into the field”, improving production efficiency, increasing farmer yields, and using cocoa to promote production reforestation of degraded tropical lands- all in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.