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Providers of refrigeration and ventiliation systems to the agirculture industry including crop cooling systems and crop storage solutions throughout the UK.
Trichoderma atroviride is a cold-tolerant, versatile hyperparasite (a microorganism that parasitizes other microorgansims) isolated from the subartic.
Supplies controlled environment aquaculture technology to the aquaculture industry. Specializing in intensive land-based controlled environment aquaculture systems.
Provides complete technological packages and services required for the establishment of commercial fish and prawn aquaculture farms, in any suitable location. Perform technology tranfers of high-tech aquaculture.
Cultured shellfish grown only in certified clean water. Company controls production from hatchery to harvest and beyond
Takrit Aquarium, a discus breeder and exporter provides quality and healthy discus fish breed in breeding program at Thailand discus farm.
Ecotao Enterprises is a company specialised in Aquaculture and HACCP. Its speciality is marine shrimp (prawn) aquaculture.
Manufactures filtration systems for water gardens, koi ponds, aquariums, aquaculture, and theme parks/public exhibits; specializes in the designing and manufacturing of ultraviolet sterilization.
Fish production and lake management. Products include fish stocking for ponds, aquatic weed control, fountain maintenance, water garden supplies, aeration systems, plants and ornamental fish.
Sponsors Recirc Today which is a quarterly magazine for fish farmers, hatchery managers, food processors and aquatic researchers who use water re-use technology.
Mission is plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized markets unique to the areas of horticulture, greenhouse and aquatics.
AquaNIC is the gateway to the world's aquaculture resources.
Aquatic management services for lakes, ponds and other bodies of water.